To build better through technology, trust, teamwork & transparent communication.



Our Best and Most Important Builds Are Our Client Relationships.


Respect and Protect our Clients. We are Committed to Putting our Clients First on Every Project.  Every Day.


Have a Passion for Perfection.


Make Decisions & Own the Results.


We Work One Way: Teamwork.


Be Humble and Sweep the Floors.  No Task is Beneath Us.  We Do What it Takes to Get the Job Done and Know that Everyone is Moving Towards a Common Goal.


Be the Underdog.  Always Strive and Pursue Growth and Learning.


Be Adaptable and Willing to Embrace Change.


Take Ownership.  The Project is Yours.  Treat it That Way.


Be Curious and Ask Questions.


At Bullseye, we’re all about curiosity and adaptability. We’re a young company ready to take on the industry with new ideas and innovative thinking, and we plan to change the way the construction industry works by prioritizing our clients and our team mates.

We believe in humility and that no one is above sweeping the floors. We take ownership of our projects and expect every member of our team to do what’s necessary to meet our client’s goals, on target and on time.


Technology is ever-evolving, and you need a contractor that can keep up with it.

We’ve implemented new, innovative technology and collaborative web-based project management and scheduling platforms that allow for all project participants, from the field to the office to the client, to be on the project in real time, regardless of location.

Integrating technology with construction not only opens the door for new collaborations, it can help save money, expedite project completion, and create safer working environments.

“We’re excited to be leading the industry by integrating proven and effective technological procedures into our builds.”

Adam Shihadeh



Bullseye has grown an average of 105% annually since our inception in 2016 with an average 70% Y-O-Y growth. From our first year to our projected revenue this year, our company has shown steady and consistent growth since the beginning. This is all due to client satisfaction, and these number show we’re doing business the right way!

We entered the market with an idea for doing things differently—integrating cutting-edge technology and maintaining open communication with our clients at every step of the construction process. By building relationships with our clients for return services while finding new and creative ways to reach a new client base, we’ve established ourselves as serious competitors in the construction industry.


We believe that communication is the key to success.

As experienced contractors, at Bullseye we know how important it is to synchronize the work on a job site. We maintain open lines of communication between our teams and our clients to keep things running smoothly.

We communicate regularly between craftsmen,

subcontractors and clients so that questions and issues can be resolved quickly, and we carefully coordinate and balance talents, schedules, and deliverables to ensure that our clients receive quality work on time and on budget. We ensure that projects are done on schedule, without complication by getting the right people on site at the right time.


Bullseye Builders is dedicated to ensuring that our projects are safe for our employees and our clients. We take extra steps to ensure that safety procedures and protocols are in place and are followed at all times, on every project.

Here are just a few of the ways we work to keep you safe:

  • Certified Safety Services Company
  • Strict OSHA compliance
  • All team members trained and certified in safety operations
  • Robust injury and illness prevention program

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