Improving Land Development Efficiency through Technology & Software

Organizational and communication software can create a boon for land developers looking to streamline operations. From helping address labor shortage concerns to reducing bottlenecks in the project process and cutting back on a project’s waste, working with technology-integrated companies can optimize your project’s performance.

The right software, when used correctly, can address many time management issues and personnel shortages in ways that significantly improve a project’s timeline and budget. Despite popular thinking, construction-centered software does far more than create spreadsheets and colorful charts. The right software—in the right hands—offers comprehensive, up-to-date tracking of development and real estate project sites; and it streamlines labor, resources and communication to maximize a clients’ investment.

Here are just a few ways that technology & software can help make land developing more efficient:

1. Compensate for Labor Shortages
According to the Associated General Contractors of America, 80% of contracting firms report having difficulty finding the workers they need. This shortage can put a strain on contractors, land developers and commercial real estate brokers alike, as it slows the development process as well as necessary renovations. Development projects that utilize pre-construction planning and design-build services can mitigate this problem by investing in comprehensive plans that include data-driven personnel planning. By maximizing technological resources and off-site preparations, development projects can achieve high levels of efficiency—even in the face of nationwide labor shortages.

2. Reduce Bottlenecks in Scheduling
While careful pre-construction planning helps compensate for the industry-wide shortage of skilled craftspeople, once construction begins real-time scheduling software can be sure that the workers on hand at a project site are being fully utilized and that the project timeline is able to move forward consistently. Digital scheduling and easy collaboration help solve obstacles quickly and reduce bottlenecks in the timeline. By using data-driven metrics, paired with active and open lines of communication, personnel and subcontractor scheduling can move forward smoothly, getting clients to their end-goals faster.

3. Save on Time & Labor
According to industry research, construction projects, on average, last 20% longer than the projected timeline. When time is a precious resource (and a costly one), it’s important that project sites work as efficiently as possible. Digital collaboration and scheduling can make sure that your next project moves faster than the average. With traditional communications, one forgotten email can put an entire project on hold; but with cloud-based project management software, where communications, RFIs, calendars, projects and more are housed in one location, everyone can be on the same page and respond to on-the-go changes. This also gives overseers a birds-eye-view of the entire project—without time-consuming check-ins.

4. Cut Back on Resource Waste
Clear communications and data sharing are critical to a successful project site. Poor transferring of information, tasks, and responsibilities can not only lead to time management problems but can also result in costly mistakes that require repurchasing and rebuilding. Project management software works to combat this by ensuring that all information is shared across team and subcontractors and data communication minimizes the risks of human error.
Technology in the development and construction sector also includes tools to locate and synthesize land property information like zoning codes and existing utility structures, saving builders from costly mistakes. And scheduling programs can integrate timelines with supply chain partners to make sure developers have the resources they need when they need it.

Although the construction industry at large is running behind on adopting new technologies, there are many tools available right now that can improve a development or real estate project. Finding the right construction partner that utilizes existing technology and software can be the difference between a successful project completion and a study in frustration.

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