Short on Time? Renovations are Still a Possibility

For many businesses, it may seem like a pipe dream to achieve a complete renovation without months of disruption. With the right team, however, the impossible is possible! Find out how you can have a complete remodel in only a manner of weeks with a dedicated team of professionals.

Everyone knows the horror stories of long, drawn-out remodels. You may have even experienced it for yourself. But when construction is disrupting the customer experience, or worse when you have to close your doors altogether, you need a makeover that doesn’t take a lot of time! Extended timelines for remodels—especially when unexpected—can have a major impact on your bottom line. There’s a number of things you can do to help speed up the renovations process, especially when you’re working with a construction partner you can trust.

Here’s three steps that can improve your remodel experience:

1. Pre-construction & Design-Builds
Planning ahead can be the difference between a successful renovation and a disaster. Pre-construction planning ensures that everything is ready to move forward smoothly once the craftspeople arrive. During pre-construction, your construction partner should take into consideration any permits required and have the paperwork lined up as well as possible. Permits, when handled poorly, can be a costly time impediment. Pre-construction planning should also consider existing utilities in the building. For a faster remodel, working with existing locations of utilities—instead of re-wiring or moving pipes—will make renovations move exponentially faster. A skilled architect or designer will almost always be able to achieve the layout and look you want without an overhaul of utilities.

The transition between planning and construction can be a tricky one. That’s where opting for a design-build can be so important. With design-builds, you work with one company through the entirely of a project, from pre- to post-construction. This saves time and energy because the construction team works hand-in-hand with the design team. There’s no time lost to transferring information or miscommunications. As a client, you’re also able to build a stronger relationship with one team, which makes communicating your business’ needs easier.

2. Technology
Unfortunately, much of the construction industry today is behind the times when it comes to integrating technology into their standard procedures. However, there are some excellent resources for construction companies willing to use them. These technology and software options can have a beneficial impact on your renovation’s timeline. Communication can be streamlined so that everyone shares information seamlessly. Project management software makes is so that project sites are overseen by all players in real time. Scheduling can be networked and data-driven, saving on time and labor costs. And land development technology ensures that you have the right permits for a project and understand the utilities and infrastructure of a building before a project starts—saving you from costly mistakes.

You can gain a lot by integrating technology into every stage of a renovation. Finding a construction partner adept at utilizing these software advantages can be the difference between an on-time completion and a project that continues to disrupt your business.

3. A Dedicated, Around-the-Clock Team
When it comes down to it, what you really need to get a job done quickly is a dedicated team of people. Planning and coordinating software can set you up for success, but it takes skilled workers to get the job done. You need a construction partner that only hires the best-of-the-best and that is willing to go the extra mile to see your project finish on time. Having highly skilled and motivated workers will mean that the project is finished more quickly and with more accuracy. Human error is always a factor, but with trained professionals, the likelihood of costly mistakes is significantly lowered.

You can also find construction teams that are willing to work on tight deadlines—even creating 24-hour project sites when the need arises—to meet your requirements! Don’t settle for a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, but only when the weather’s right construction team. Your renovation partners should be as committed as you are to the timeline and success of your project.

With the right planning, technology, and team you can have a successful and satisfying remodel in only a matter of weeks! Lengthy remodels can take a serious toll on your budget, so be sure, next time you’re looking to update a space, that you choose a construction company that is committed to your happiness.

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